My Books


Traitor Blade is book one of an epic fantasy series,
In a land ruled by knights, where martial strength is tamed by a code of honour and duty, the line between protection and oppression is a subtle one. When a sickly prince leaves the succession in doubt, ambitious men gather in the shadows ready to take advantage. Edouard and Mariette are caught in a twisted world where the lines between treachery, honour and love are hopelessly blurred.


Book Two

The battle for the throne of Valderon has begun. Court politics have turned deadly. As plots unfurl, Edouard and Mariette find themselves on opposite sides, each caught in a fight against a ruthless enemy. Moved like pawns on a shadowed chessboard, unaware they are being played by a hidden master, and hunted by a creature of shadow that steals men's souls.


Book Three - the final part of the trilogy, coming soon.

Exiled in Allesarion, Edouard struggles to prove his innocence, while in Valderon his family suffer for his mistakes. Mariette knows she has lost Edouard, but she stays with the Compact, determined to find the truth. Jaime and Brother Liam hunt the shadow creature. In the final book of the trilogy, mistakes are atoned for and wrongs avenged.