Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Books - TRAITOR BLADE Series

I have been working on Traitor Blade for several years. As it is very long it seemed best to break it down into three books which I hope to publish close together.


In a land ruled by knights, where martial strength is tamed by a code of honour and duty, the line between protection and oppression is a subtle one. When a sickly prince leaves the succession in doubt, ambitious men gather in the shadows ready to take advantage.

Mariette believes that revenge is the only way to end the fear. She will use any weapon to protect her son's birthright.Thrust into intrigue, the politics of the court and the bedroom, Mariette chooses to play a dangerous game.

Edouard is certain he understands the concept of honour and duty. As he reaches manhood, his ideals are fixed and certain. A knight's duty is to guard the weak: his code, bravery and honour proven through personal prowess, autonomy and the right of arms. The difference between right and wrong is clear, but in truth, the line is harder to perceive than he can know.

Soon both are caught in a twisted world where treachery, honour and love are hopelessly blurred. With each twist of betrayal, the plot unfolds towards tragedy. Soon more than hearts and pride are at stake, lives stand at risk and trust becomes an act of bravery.

The battle for the throne of Valderon has begun. Court politics have turned deadly. As plots unfurl, Edouard and Mariette find themselves on opposite sides, each caught in a fight against a ruthless enemy. Moved like pawns on a shadowed chessboard, unaware they are being played by a hidden master, and hunted by a creature of shadow that steals men's souls.

Blinded by grief, Mariette plays a dangerous and seductive game. She is driven by the desire for revenge and a mother's instinct to protect her children. Believing herself betrayed, she will act without pity or scruple.

In the vicious stew of court politics motives are unclear and ever suspect. Edouard plays both betrayed and betrayer. He blunders and learns too late, there is more to the concept of honor than skill at arms and bloody-minded bravery.

Love and honour are lost with each twist of betrayal, and soon more than hearts and pride are at stake. By the end lives will stand at risk and trust itself will become an act of bravery.